Cycle Repairs

We have said it before but we will say it again, we love bicycles, a bike ride on a sunny day is just about the best thing. I remember the freedom that my first bicycle gave me and the exhilaration of whizzing down hill for the first time. The sense of achievement when you make it to the top of a hill without having to get off and all the things that I have seen by traveling slowly which I would have missed in a car.

So based on all of this and our experience of building, repairing and servicing bicycles in our former cycle shop in Malvern we pleased to offer a full service bicycle shop in Monmouth.

While we have a passion for traditional and vintage bicycles and love to resurrect an old bicycle so that it can be reused as every day transport. We have a fully equipped workshop to deal with more complex jobs and we offer a range of new bicycles and e-bikes from Royal Dutch GazelleThe Light Blue and Kinesis.

We have a range of accessories from top brands like Brooks, Topeak and Ortlieb as well as being able to source a wide range of components from leading brands like Shimano and SRAM and Stummer Archer.

So feel free to visit us at our premises, phone us with your enquiry or use the contact form at the bottom of these pages.

We have a bicycle section in our online shop, which is growing slowly, so feel free to take a browse and see if their is something that takes your fancy.

Cycle Servicing

Prices are for labour only and inc VAT. Any parts required are extra. Bicycle collection / delivery £10.00









Visual inspection of the bike, report issued with parts quotation

Tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure

Wheels, Bars, Stem and Bolts, checked and tightened

Brake adjustment only

Gear adjustment only

Wheel bearings tightened and rims checked for wear

Bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted

All drive-train components removed, checked, cleaned and lubricated

Wheels trued in jig

Frame and forks cleaned

Headset checked and adjusted

Bottom bracket removed, re-greased and replaced

Hubs removed, cleaned, checked and re-assembled

Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, re-greased and fitted

Individual Jobs

Puncture Repair



Brompton rear wheel


Pashley or Gazelle rear wheel


Geared Hub rear wheel



Wheel True (per wheel, spoke tension only)


Wheel True (per wheel, spoke replacement)


Wheel build (per wheel)


Brake Service

Inspection, adjustment and fitting of any cables and pads where required


Hydraulic Brake Service (Per Brake)

Inspection, adjustment, bleeding and fitting of parts where required


Gear Service

Inspection, adjustment and fitting of any cables where required


Bottom Bracket Service

Removal, inspection and fitting


Headset Service

Removal, inspection, re-greasing, re-facing, reaming and fitting


Hub Service





Internal Gears


Accessory Fitting (per accessory)


Full mudguard set


We are committed to keeping your bike on the road and we will endeavour to help you where we can. We reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £1.50 per day if you do not collect your bike within 24 hours of completion.

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