Woodland Experiences




Woodland Experiences

We love the great outdoors and especially our beautiful woodlands. With only 13% of our landmass covered by woods we took the opportunity to take on a piece of woodland when we purchased Honeysuckle Wood.

Our objective was to preserve some of the great Oaks in our wood and promote biodiversity by opening up the woodland canopy to increase flowers. By increasing the diversity of plant life we can have a positive effect on insects, birds and a whole range of wildlife.

The woodland is also a place of natural beauty where working the land has a positive effect on your health and time spent in the woods has been proved to increase personal wellbeing. Being in a woodland promotes relaxation and a connection with nature promotes an interest in care and preservation for future generations.

There is a financial impact on trying to manage the wood though. Our wood was formerly part of the Raglan estate and has been stood for many years. previously open areas that would have been flooded with wild flowers have become clogged with dense brambles and the woodland floor was dark and covered with fallen trees. it takes time, equipment and money to be able to work to resolve this. So as part of a solution to this we are offering woodland experiences. These experiences provide you an opportunity to help promote the biodiversity of our woodland and experience what the Japanese refer to as Forest Bathing.

So if you wish to experience some time in the wood for mindfulness or want to come and help improve a section of the woodland environment please pop us a message and we can suggest some ideas or let us know what you are after.

We are excited to tell you that we are now hosting experiences at our woodland! Click on the icons below for details about the courses and how to book on.


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