Immerse yourself in Woodland

Immerse yourself in the Woodland

The health and wellbeing benefits of being surrounded by nature have been documented by many different organisations and sometimes it is nice to have this organised for you.

Our wood offers several areas where you can just sit and take in the sights and sounds of the wood. The paths take you around the wood where you can look out for all the different plants and animals that live in the woodland.

Not only is the wood a great place to be but so is the surrounding area. We will take you out of Big Wood, (of which Honeysuckle is a part) and cross country through Lady Hill and Park Wood and into Usk walking past the castle and into this small town. A quick visit to the pub or the local coffee shop and then a walk back to our woodland a round trip of about 8 miles.

We will cook lunch or an evening meal for all of us using the wood burning stove, and you will have use of the woods facilities while you are there. If you are travelling a long way and need to stay overnight then we can put you up in one of our bell tents and provide you with the wherewithal to make yourselves breakfast in the morning, on the wood burning stove of course.

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