Thinking of buying a wood

Thinking of buying a wood

One of the most useful things anyone said to us when we took on our woodland was “Establish your paths and work from there.” This has was good advice and we have walked our initial path hundreds of times now and learnt a whole lot more.

Come and spend the day with us at Honeysuckle Wood and learn about our journey of acquiring the wood and the activities we have undertaken to get established in the woodland.

We are making steps towards coppicing the woodland, reestablishing old clearings and improving biodiversity. As well as all of this our land is not on our doorstep so we have to be able to provide ourselves with some form of shelter, cook food and wash after a day getting grubby in the woodland.

Your visit will include a look at the equipment we have purchased while learning about working in the woodland, which items have been useful, which are essential and which we could probably have done without.

We will cook lunch or an evening meal for all of us using the wood burning stove and show you that just because you are in the middle of the wood it doesn’t mean you have survive on tins of beans.

We have teenagers and friends who are less excited about the outdoors than we are so we have tried to make things as comfortable as possible for everyone concerned. Our Solar system provides charging points for phones and laptops so people can remain in contact or even work in the wood. It might not sound important but sometimes not having access to the modern world while in the wood would mean that we couldn’t visit the wood.

If you are traveling a long way and need to stay overnight then we can put you up in one of our bell tents and provide you the wherewithal to make yourselves breakfast in the morning, on the wood burning stove of course.

Experience Day Prices

Days activities including lunch or evening meal


Per Person

Overnight stay if required, including supplies for breakfast


Per Person

  • Max 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children
  • Children under 3 are free, 3 to 12 years old 50% off
  • If overnight stay is required we have two bell tents with double beds in them and 1 additional camp bed.

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