After a long dry summer the rain has arrived

We have had an amazing summer in the woods. It has been so easy to be outside, lighting the fire only to cook and being glad to be under canvass and the dappled shade of the tree canopy.

You realise exactly how much we take water for granted in the UK especially when you are so used to just turning on a tap. We are not quite at this level of luxury in the woods but we have always had a supply of water from the rain water butts that are fed from the roof of the shelter. The stream disappeared and the butts dried up. We had to start collecting water from Malvern’s natural spring and bring the containers with us each time we came to the woodland. You are aware of every litre as you carry it across the woodland each time you arrive.

However normal service has resumed, those long warm sunny days are almost a dim memory and as the fire is lit for warmth and the whole woodland descends into darkness at 4.30pm it seems like a long time until it will be that way again.

The rain brings its own beauty though. My most favourite things is raindrops beaded on leaves, creating a sparkling wonderland. The stream is in full flow again and the water butts are overflowing.


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